Time-bound SDF Discounts

31st May 2023, to come in effect from 1st June 2023, a new discount scheme for the Sustainable Development Fee or the SDF was announced this evening, by the Department of Tourism, with the approval of the Bhutanese Cabinet. SDF or Sustainable Development Fund is government tariff/ royalty levied on all leisure travel to Bhutan. It is charged per person per night, collected by The Bhutanese government used in sustainable developmental activities of Bhutan.

The SDF amount per night person is USD200. There are several discount categories.
Duration discount scheme: 4+4; 7+7; 12+18, which is basically 4 additional nights free for 4 nights SDF; 7 additional nights free for 7 nights SDF & 18 additional nights free for 12 nights SDF. After the discounted period, the standard daily tariff apply or the same combo scheme can be related but not different combination. This scheme is set to end by 31st December 2024.

Children Discount: Children below 12 years of age and above 6 can avail 50% discount on the SDF. Children below 6 years of age gets full discount.

Special Nations: The nationals of India currently pay concessionary SDF of INR1200 per night per person for limited period. Till then duration discount is not applied to the Indians.

Land Entry: Those entering by road, the SDF for the stay up to 24 hours at the border towns (designated area limits) is waived.

Till July 2022, the SDF was US65, which was included within mandatory minimum daily package rate of USD 200/250. There were also duration and group discount but in different format. It was changed with Tourism Levey Act of Bhutan 2022. The present set of discounts hopes to encourage longer stay enabling travelers to go further into the country and distribute income.

The SDF is not visa charges and the onetime charge of USD40 per trip per person is required for all types of travel.

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