Bhutan is how Earth should be

Pristine & Peaceful – nature & people in harmony

Why Us?

Original Bhutan

  • We understand our country and every trip has hallmark of our deep passion for travel that even a global pandemic could not damp out.
  • Originality of our trips – yet underlies spirit of timeless adventures.
  • Bring firsthand original experiences
  • Experienced & passionate team
  • Creators of original and timeless adventures
  • Great Partners
  • We look to understand you and your needs
  • Be there throughout pre, during and post trips
  • We care for the places of our visits and actively participate in community happenings and developments
  • Green to the core – whether in the field or office
  • Expertly trained Experienced Guides

Why Now?

Bhutan is fast changing

The Bhutanese economy has been considered one of the fastest growing economies before the pandemic and it continues to grow – showing that the hills and valleys are changing and modernization is knocking hard on the doors of his Himalayan sanctuary.

Life is short

Every moment that pass us is precious and gone forever. These moments when we are able are fleeting, it is best to get going now – we never know that can happen in future

Safe from COVID-19

(managed and responded, more than 90% of the population vaccinated)

Little known – no crowds

for now

Off the beaten path – solace 

What to see & try?


Ancient tantric Buddhist culture co-existing with other faiths


rafting, trekking, horse-riding


treks, specialized trips (birding, botanical, etc.)


blend to your taste & limits


Friendly and spirited – a spirit of people that have never been colonized or ruled by any other than their own and disposition influenced by deep rooted faith

Top 10

  • Top 10 Cultural Sites of Bhutan
  • Top 10 Hikes of Bhutan
  • Top 10 Treks of Bhutan
  • Top 10 Dishes of Bhutan

Bhutan Packages or Custom


  • Join in a group or travel on your own
  • Readymade or tailormade
  • Choose already set – build it around your dates
  • Custom design from scratch – your wish is our command
  • Tested packages or total new adventure
  • Blend of adventure & comfort to your taste


Bhutan Packages

  • Bhutan to Join WTO
    Thukten Zangpo, Kuensel – the National Newspaper of Bhutan April 28th, 2023 The government has approved the country’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The decision was announced by Minister of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Karma Dorji. Lyonpo said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade will write to the WTO soon […]
  • The Bhutan’s 115th National Day: Of Triumphs and Trumpets
    17 Dec 2022 It is hard find more resounding victory cry than stadium full of Bhutanese shouting ‘Gyelo’ (“victory”) to call of ‘Palden Drukpa’ (Bhutan) – stadium full of people who had congregated without any covid mandates. It was resounding cry for overwhelming victory over the invisible global enemy – the pandemic. Had there been […]
  • Where is Bhutan in the FIFA World Cup?
    03 Dec 2022 (Time: period between the end of Group Stage of 2022 FIFA World Cup and start of Knockout stage). You would be forgiven for mistaking that Bhutan’s national sport is not archery but soccer. In this mountainous land, where it is hard to find flat piece of land, you find football pitches all […]

Bhutan is magical, peaceful and a place like no other

Only Buddhist Kingdom – Ancient Himalayan Tantric Buddhist Culture complementing modern lives