The extraordinary location of Bhutan makes it not only a birder’s paradise but also hotspot of bio-diversity. Being place very close to equator but having elevations from near sea-level to grand peaks, makes it extraordinary hotspot of biodiversity in the world. The latitude placement makes the high elevations milder, and with mountains and valleys the altitudinal migrant nature of the birders is fostered.

More birds are being recorded in Bhutan, the number has just crossed 700 species recently. The trip taking you through temperate zone of Bhutan, yet having you experience alpine as well tropical conditions with mountains and deep valleys, brings to you right conditions to have you see birds anytime of the year.

Places: Samdrupjongkhar, Trashigang, Monggar, Trongsa, Gangtey, Punakha, Thimphu & Paro,
Highlights: Birding, rare trogopans, great hornbills, honey guides
Category: Nature, Birding, Camping
Accommodations and Services options: Standard, Camping

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Day 1 Samdrupjongkhar
Day 2 Drive to Trashigang
Day 3 Trashigang to Monggar
Day 4 Monggar to Sengor
Day 5 stay in Sengor
Day 6 Sengor to Trongsa
Day 7 stay in Chendebji
Day 8 Chendebji to Gangtey
Day 9 Gangtey to Punakha
Day 10 Punakha – Tashithang – Gasa
Day 11 Gasa – Thimphu
Day 12 Thimphu – Paro
Day 13 Paro – Taktsang Excursion
Day 14 Fly out