Bhutan is a destination with pristine nature, unique tantric Buddhist culture complemented by other faiths and friendly people. You just let us know what should feature on your trips and then we will take care of all the details. We can tailor make trips to your likings or you can come on our ready time-tested trips.

Here are trips that are classified under community, culture or nature that can be made as adventurous as your preferences for pace and comfort.

People & Community

The people weathered by different faiths, more so by tantric Buddhism, presents you with a disposition that is friendly yet proud, strong yet gentle living all around you. This class of trips is our speciality – we know that human thrive on interactions. We have inset community centered activities that can be combined with any trips and then special trips with focus on people.

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Culture Like No Other

Bhutan’s unique tantric Buddhist culture is like no other. Bhutan’s culture remains to be unique in the world being the only Buddhist Kingdom in the world, with tantric form of Buddhism that is complemented by other faiths and upheld by friendly people. One of the main manifestation of Bhutanese Buddhist tantric culture is the festivals called “Tshechus” . Some of the culture based trips are based around these festivals.

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Pristine Nature

Bhutan’s nature – the natural environment is hailed by world over, with over more than 70% of the country under forest cover, it is known for absorbing more carbon than it produces and hailed as the only ‘carbon negative’ country in the world.

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All the aspects of bhutan can be experienced in different ways – exclusively or in group, biking or hiking or trekking, in helicopter or off-road cars or busses – just let us know. This selection emphasizes on means of travel and pace along with features of the country.

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Style & Moves

Any of these culture, nature or community based trips can feature luxurious properties and services, according to needs of the trips and your choices.

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