Why Us? – safety first

Above everything else, we ensure safety of your trip throughout Bhutan and beyond and before, if we are involved in them. We use our experience, knowhow of the land to avoid possible situations that could lead to not only physical hazards, also risk in terms of losing money in transactions or with people or properties, and even save possible cultural faux de pas.

And if there are unavoidable emergencies, along with our partners and connections, our efforts are geared for you to receive the fastest appropriate response, whether it is evacuation or getting medical attention. Our field experiences, including dealing with travel related incidences, enables us to ensure the most appropriate measures are taken according to their priorities.

We also ensure that our already vetted and proven partners and vendors who are crucial part of our trips meet required standards, if not exceed them. This level of protection happens not only during the trip, but like our services in general, before (like payment process) or after the tour. This is not only understanding your needs, but understanding beyond them given our commitment to see that may not be easily apparent.

Why Us? – the original company

Our trips are original! It is reflection of your individuality – your originality. While maintaining the classic nature of some of the adventures, we strive to provide experiences that is like no other, that is unique to your preferences and capabilities. Be it group or single traveler, none is alike. Originality of our trips make us original. The long experience of the team and the passion for travel combined with care of your needs, enables us to deliver trips that imbues the magical nature of Bhutan, world class comfort and life changing interactions. These interactions with the locals have been woven into the spirit of our trips that not only enriches the journey but also simultaneously gives back holistically to these places and their people.

Our trips are original! It is reflection of your individuality – your originality.

Such originality trips is also because of our partners within the industry, both within and aboard. Our professionalism, as a premier nationally registered company, is reflected in the choice of our partners, be it the hotels or the horsemen, that support our team. Our team, that has some of the oldest hands of the Kingdom’s tourism industry as well as passionate fast rising professionals – gives side of freshness as well as soundness and dependability to our trips.

The spirit of our team and partners are indomitable as even global pandemic could not dampen our love for travels and fellow travelers. While these are difficult times, it was also found to be opportune time to bolster our team by handpicking professionals that had become free. Original Bhutan remains to be an anchor during these times and have looked to harness other potentials of our team members besides curating travel, while keeping the love of travel alive.

With us, you see the true Bhutan, with the free spirit of Bhutan, and touch lives as does your own changes.

Our giving back programs includes rural women livelihood programs, namely in Bjimina Village. Along with interaction that is provided to our guests, the women earn from demonstrating live cooking, customs and farm practices that are becoming fast novelty.

Our Team

Reservations & Office Team

Our core office team are the anchor, actively maintaining base for active coordination and our field people to reach back into. They remain masters in planning and placing various air or hotel reservations or visa applications. These ladies are active organizers of events that often come with organized trips be it a gala dinner or a disco or formal appointment, they are on top of it. Sangay Lhamo, Karma and Tshering are few names.

Transport Team & Vehicles
Our vehicles are partly owned by the people who drive them and so that’s why its well taken care of. We rely on experience of the people that have driven these mountain roads for years to give you smooth ride throughout Bhutan. Phub Dorji, Tshering Wangdi, Tashi, Sonam Dorji handle the minivans or the coaster busses or the SUVs unfazed and unerringly.

The senior Dolay Tshering is our transport organizer. Depending on the needs of the trip, Dolay will ensure that such the appropriate vehicles are at your disposal whether you have just landed in the country and need smooth ride to cruise or coming back from long trek – a fast car to showers or off-road ones to take you secluded remote vistas.

Field Team (Guides and Trekking Crew)
Our field team is known for their willingness, sincerity and ‘extra mile’ that each of us strive with every task and service during, before and after trips. You will never see them without smile and trademark Bhutanese humor.

Our Team – Guides & Trip Leaders

Giving Back

Beyond our sustainable practices wherever practical in our operations, Original Bhutan Travels and the team feels that the spirit of any tour is greatly influenced by the interaction with people, as such most of our programs and itineraries highlights interactions with locals that not only brings about life-long human connections but most of the time translate also into benefits for the locals and their community.

Besides such general feature of our trips, seperately Original Bhutan Travels have been engaged in helping a group of rural women in creating means of livelihood through tourism. A community based tourism product engaging these women was created with help our team, particularly our Managing Director Tsewang. Tsewang helped Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators and Tourism Council of Bhutan, as funded by Austrian Development Cooperation, to bring together group of rural women from village of Gidawom (near Thimphu) and create tourism product that highlights Bhutanese customs and farm based activities that guests can participate in. Tsewang created an innovated way of distributing income from the product, part of which is used by the group to address issues in regard to 3Ws – Women, Water & Waste in their locality. The guests get to interact with the locals and participate in activities in very authentic local Bhutanese environment.

While such package is first of the kind that Original Bhutan Travel actively participates and promotes, there is bound to be more as Tsewang and the organizations have been asked to replicate the product in different villages around the country.

So, Original Bhutan Travels does its bid in issues related to Women, Water & Waste of this particular locality to be expanded across the country. This small contribution is our reaffirmation of our gratitude for our existence and giving back at whatever scale or realm.

You can let us know if you would like to experience these community experiences through your trip.

In our logo, check out whether you are able to make out the ‘alpha’ symbol to denote our originality or the Buddhist symbol of wheel (with 8 spokes akin to 8 sided stars of other faiths to show universality) to denote our love and mastery of travel, enclosed within infinity sign to show timeless nature of adventure and wish fulfilling gem as we cater to your wishes. The primary colors are not only to show the originality or beginning but also the national colors of our country as we show our love for this land to you.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Original Bhutan aims to be among the leaders in Asia for providing informed travel that is original, holistic, inclusive and that connects lives, thereby enriching all living beings involved.


  • Provide world class informed service to all customers that enriches lives of all those involved with safety as paramount at any stage of process.
  • The experiences and products be fulfilling, holistic and unique – reflecting individuality of customers underlying our name original – originality
  • Be inclusive and stand not only rights and welfare of customers but also staff, local and all living beings involved.
  • The services and products would be imbued with best of human values throughout (before and after), with no discrimination of any kind and protect minorities and vulnerable.
  • Through tailor-made experiences, enrich lives of traveller, staff and service people, communities – enhancing the destination in the process.